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Q.Where were you all these years?

A.I had been living in no name unidentified world.

Q. What were you doing there?

A. I was calling names.

Q. Why?

A. I needed to hear human voice as well as getting some answers.

Q. Did you get them,  get the answers ?

A. No, I didn’t!

Even the stones of the mountains and the seawaters  echoed my voice but I didn’t hear a  human voice returning my call.

Q. Why don’t you tell me the name of the world you were living in?

A. I can’t .

Q. Why? I want to know.

A. I can’t, because in there I  was calling your name too.

Q. But now I am talking to you!

A. Now is too late for me and for you too.

Q. Why for me?!

A. Since I am no longer living in there, in that remote galaxy, I am no longer living in your heart!

Who am I?

9 Nov 2015 In: Who am 'I'!?
What  is your name?
What is your name?!
What is your nationality?!
What is your nationality?!
Why don’t you answer me?
-Why do you want to know my name and my nationality when I am not my name nor my nationality, when I am not the name people  calling  me nor the place I was born in it!
Why do you want to open this door when it is all illusion?
Who are you then?
-I am a spirit, the spirit living between names , bodies , different nationalities, and I have nothing to declare when I am passing through the golden gate of the world of spirit except my spirit !

King’s daughter!

6 Nov 2015 In: King's daughter!

There was a king whose 18 years old beautiful daughter had been blind at birth, but because of love king never told his daughter that she was blind,  and there was a death punishment for those who do. So she thought she was perfect and had no idea that light exists, and because of it she had no desire to see the light too!

One day a man, who had lost his way home,  showed up at the king’ daughter remote mansion, where she was living, and fell in love with her immediately , and noticed that she was blind. And since  he had no idea what  the punishment was  he told the king’s daughter that she was blind. At first the king’s daughter got so angry  with him because she had always thought that her beauty was perfect!
But knowing that she was blind created the desire to see the light in her heart and eventually she was cured!
So  the writers, the painters, the scientists and the poets and the protests  are that ‘lover’, the lover of the blind world and they may lose their  pen/head to creat the desire of seeing the light in the heart of the people of the world, but they have to do this job since they are either chosen to do this job or they are willing to push this civilization forward!
And We, humans, should always remember that we are the mercuries behind this tall dull glass wall , this world, if we don’t burn its dust  who does?!!!


25 May 2015 In: Human!

Human: “At the time of my birth Angels were dancing in heaven, and Beasts  were dancing in hell.

At the time of my birth the occupants of heaven and hell were both intoxicated with joy, preparing themselves for holy war within me.
Angels wanted to make me a river of life-giving water, and beasts wanted to drink my flash….now I am a ray of light and light’s shadow too…. I am shadow, and I am stretching myself out of light.”
The book ‘magic potion’!

Light kills too!

14 May 2015 In: Light kills too!

“”One asked, “Does Light kills too?”

She said, “Yes. Light kills too. Light kills self-love.  Light reduces self-power. Light kills self-resistance to true happiness.”
One man asked, “how does light kill self-love?”
She said, ” When I gave birth to my children , in their light my self-love died too.”
He said, “But in return they brought you joy.”
She replied, ” Their joy is theirs but their pain is mine and I live to receive my share.”
Book ‘magic potion’
Author, Mahrouyeh Maghzi
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I am an old soul!

9 May 2015 In: I am an old soul!

“I am an old soul.
I was born of Fire and Water,
I was born long before my fate was written,
I was born long before the birth of Universe,
I was born with His first Thought,
I was born by His first Will,
I am an old soul, older than Creation,
I am human.”
Author, Mahrouyeh Maghzi
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Magic potion!

7 May 2015 In: Magic Potion!

The book ‘magic potion’ is a mystical, philosophical story and poetic way of leading ‘men’ through a dream to connect with their subconscious and see a greater universe.

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Mystic soul!

2 May 2015 In: Mystic soul!

“I wish I were a mystic soul,

I wish I could grow fifty thousand wings of love to fly me and you all over to the Kingdom of Love, where they burn all logic and reason in the Fire of Purification.”
Book ‘magic potion’
Author: Mahrouyeh Maghzi
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29 Apr 2015 In: Logic-mind!

“Logic -mind breaths only oxygen. If you ask your logic-mind to breathe water to become a river, it tells you that you are crazy.

All I ask you now is to break the logic-mind rules and regulations and breathe water to become a river.  Telling your logic-mind that behind every broken wall is a wisdom or a treasure. Telling your logic-mind that God is standing behind the wall or broken heart, telling the logic-mind that light enters you through your wounds, your wounded heart.”
Book ‘magic potion’
Author, Mahrouyeh Maghzi
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Woman’s voice!

23 Apr 2015 In: Woman's Voice!

Woman’s voice:

“I am not the frame that you see,
I am not the picture that you think you know,
I am the soul running between the atoms of this frame,
I am the soul that plays heavenly music behind this curtain/picture,
I am not this cup that you drink out of,
I am the ocean that fills the cups.”
So when this cup breaks, you will face the ocean,
When this frame is ruined, you will face the soul running through it,
When this picture is perishes, you will know that you and I are one.”
Book ‘magic potion’
Author: Mahrouyeh Maghzi
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